Natural Beauty Products – An Alternative For Your Skin

Most women will pick up women’s magazines and avidly read the beauty pages and reviews of new beauty products. These magazines will tell you what the latest anti-wrinkle cream or what new moisturiser you must buy. Most beauty journalists are sent free sample of the latest products for publicity purposes. The beauty journalists will then rave on about how good a certain product is in their beauty column. What they are really telling you is what the big companies want to sell you. Not whether these beauty products are really any good or going to work for you.

What you will never be told is what is really in these beauty products. A lot of the sophisticated anti-ageing formulas claim to have unique ingredients in them. But really there is little difference between them. Many of them contain ingredients that can actually damage your skin and have serious health implications over long term. A lot of the beauty products on the market today contain skin irritants such as strong perfumes and colours. Some even have cancer causing compounds in them.

Nowadays more and more people are becoming aware of the dangerous effects of the beauty products out in the market today and are looking for alternatives. Alternatives such as natural cosmetics and beauty products which are free from all harsh toxic synthetic chemicals and therefore suitable for all skin types. These products are enriched with naturally sourced ingredients. But you do have to be careful of what you buy.

Natural body products line the shelves of drug and department stores, but do you know what you are really getting when you buy these products? Just because a label says “organic” or “natural” does not automatically make it so. Manufactures of these products will label their products as organic or natural even if they have a certain percentage of natural ingredients in them. The rest of the ingredients in these products will have synthetic fragrances, preservatives and so on.

Another alternative is to make your own skincare and beauty products at home. A lot of the ingredients we need to make beauty products sit in our kitchens. So you can make a large variety of natural body products right in your kitchen? Nearly any type of body product that you can buy in the stores, you can make yourself at home. Not only will you save a lot of money by making these products yourself, it is not nearly as time consuming as most people think. The natural products you make at home can be made as how you want them. For example if you want to make something light or more moisturizing, preservative free or use natural preservatives such as vitamin E or honey. The choice is entirely up to you.


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